The EUKLEMS – INTANProd database provides detailed data for 27 EU Member States, the US, Japan and the United Kingdom, across 40 industries (although coverage may vary over time and across countries), 23 industry aggregates, over the period 1995-2020. The database includes information on key variables for studying productivity including output, intermediate inputs, gross value added, employment, compensation of employees, as well as investment in capital stocks across both tangible and intangible assets.

EUKLEMS – INTANProd is structured in two modules: the statistical module acting as a repository of National Accounts variables and of growth accounting results; the analytical module complements these data with information on investment and capital stocks for intangible assets that are not included in the National Accounts, notably design, brand, organisational capital, training and new financial products, and provides extended sources of growth findings.

The methodological documentation can be found here:
Sources and Methods

Variable list

National Accounts and Capital Accounts (coverage)

Labor Accounts (coverage)

Growth Accounting (coverage)